Stig Found Near Loch Ness, Scotland

Google Street View

Google Street View

In continuation of my earlier post - "Stig Caught Driving A Mini Cart at Legoland"; here are two more locations near the famous Loch Ness, Scotland  where Stig or some one like Stig was snapped by Google Street View camera.

Stig is a character in the British motoring television show Top Gear and has always been shown on the screen with full-face helmet. His real identity is also a secret and BBC have never revealed the identity of the actor who plays Stig.

However Stig or someone pretending to be Stig has been snapped several times at different location by Google Street View Camera. His presence in Google Street Views is also a mystery. None knows whether he was intentionally present on the spot or it was just a coincidence. Several of his images in Google Street Views were blurred or removed. However few images have survived.

The two views in this post at Loch Ness as well the one in my earlier post at Legoland are perhaps the only images where he can presently be seen in Google Street View.

Update: Stig has also been caught at few other locations. See related posts below;
Source of info and more info: Wikipedia/The Telegraph/

Credits: Kite_surferJohn Luke and Gregg1956 via this and this posts of Google Earth Community.

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