Col du Tourmalet - Highest Point in Tour de France

Google Street View

Col du Tourmalet is the highest road (2,115 m / 6,939 ft) in the central Pyrenees in France. It is also one of the most famous climbs on the Internationally famous cycle tour - Tour de France. Col du Tourmalet was added in the route of Tour de France in 1910 and Octave Lapize was the first rider to reach this high spot. A large statue of Octave Lapize gasping for air as he struggles to make the climb has been installed at the top to commemorate the event.

More info: Wikipedia

Credits: John Luke via Google Earth Community Forum


Anonymous said...

A nice collection!

Can you please tell which is the highest point in Google Street View

CuriousJM said...

A good question Anonymous. Your query has not one but two answers and same can be seen in this post and this post.

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