World's Largest Titanic Museum, Branson, USA

Google Street View

This is a permanent two story museum shaped like the RMS Titanic. The building is a 1:2 (50%) scaled replica of the front half portion of the ship complete with the Grand Staircase, the Dinning Hall, First/Third Class cabins etc. and holds 400 artifacts from the wreck of the ship. It also has interactive exhibits such as a touchable iceberg, Bridge Area and Telegraph Room from where one can send SOS message.

The ship is surrounded by water to give an illusion of the sea. At the entrance, the visitors are issued a boarding card with name of actual passenger of the ship. Finally at the end of the trip, in the Memorial room, they come to know the fate of the passenger whose name is on the boarding card whether he/she was lucky enough to survive or was one of the unlucky one who died in the icy water on April 14/15, 1912.

More info and images: Travelogue Of An Armchair Traveller

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