Beautiful Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Markham, Canada

Google Street View

This imposing looking church is a former Roman Catholic, Slovak Byzantine rite, cathedral located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Consecrated as Cathedral of the Transfiguration, it is built on private property and due to dispute between the owner and the clergy this beautiful church is now closed. Reportedly last service was held on June 25, 2006 and it was open to public till 2009.

Among its features is the world's largest three bell carillon. The central golden onion domed tower is 63 metres high.

More info: Wikipedia

Credits: I am thankful to Barbara who sent me a link with a fascinating story as to how she found this church. I am quoting below part of e-mail received from her.
Recently I travelled to Toronto in Canada, and flying in over the city spotted a large, Russian-looking church, with turrets topped by golden domes. Later I asked someone what it was, and he said it was a mosque. But I was sure I'd seen crosses on the domes, so I asked the internet. It turned out to be quite a strange story!
I would really have liked to visit it, but our schedule didn't allow. However, thanks to Google Street View, I could of course be an armchair traveller!..........
Thank you Barbara for the link and sharing your experience.

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