Flying Saucer in France

Google Street view

Google Street View

Located in the commune of La Haye-Fouassière, France, this flying saucer shaped sculpture was created to beautify a roundabout near a biscuit factory.

Flying saucers have no historical connection with the town, hence the artist decided to let each astronaut display a distinct specialty of the town. One astronaut is therefore carrying, as flag, the famous French LU brand biscuit 'Petit Beurre' (little butter). Another has a bottle of 'Muscadet' wine which is produced in the area from grapes of local wineries, and the third is holding an emblem of the town - 'Focaccia', a type of popular star shaped bread/cake. The towns name 'Fouassière' is derived from  "Fouasse" or "Focaccia".

The five metre wide flying saucer and its 2 metre tall astronauts are one of the main attractions of the town.

Main source of info: French Wikipedia (English Translation)

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