Giant Metal Crab, Lanzorte, Canary Islands

Google Street View

This giant metal crab sculpture is located on the road leading to "Jameos Del Agua", Lanzorte,  Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean.

In spanish  'Jameo' means a lava bubble which is created when the ceiling of a lava tunnel collapses. The Jameos Del Agua was created by volcanic eruptions about three to four thousand years ago.

Famous local artist and architect Cesar Manrique converted these lava bubbles into a natural amphitheatre, swimming pool, gardens and restaurants, while retaining the surrounding volcanic landscape.

Munidopsis Polimorpha, a species of the lobster known as the blind albino cave crab are endemic to the region and are found in the caves of Jameos del Agua. The artist selected the crab as the logo for his spectacle at Jameos Del Agua and also created this piece of metal art work.

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