Polestar Monument - A Strange Shaped Sculpture in Letterkenny

Google Street View

This strange looking sculpture is located on the Port Road (Port Bridge), Letterkenny, Ireland and is officially called Polestar Monument.

This abstract piece of art is made of 104 large timber poles, each 6.5 metres in length and about 300 mm in diameter. To be honest the artwork is so abstract that it is not easy for me to explain the concept behind its shape and name. However as per the press release;
"...... its internal structure and logic is intended to make strong visual reference to the former railway line and bridge that once operated along this site. Polestar is to be orientated on a similar axis to the former bridge which sets up a visual dialogue with the old stone bridge supports. Its dynamic movement could be read as acting almost as a ghost image or presence abstractly suggestive of the former movement of trains along tracks through this part of the landscape.
...... the name Polestar, while playfully revealing its constituent material, also points to a celestial navigation system. This is a star to be steered by, something serving as a guide or axis of rotation. In that sense it uses the function of roundabouts here in microcosm. Its articulation and vertebration at once points to the heavens while reflecting on the circulation and movement of traffic here on earth. These normally earth-bound timber poles will be transformed to take them beyond the everyday."
Source of info and more info:  damienblake.com

Credits: Groovy23  via Google Earth Community

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