Alien Plants in Belgium

Google Street View

While roaming the Google Streets in Borgloon, Belgium found these strange looking alien plants (or are these giant worms coming out of the stump of the tree?)

Couldn't find any info about this bizarre sculpture. Perhaps my Belgian friends/readers can throw more light on this strange piece of art.

Update: Feb. 20, 2012
After reading my post, Walter Van Regemortel, a very active member of Google Earth Community, wrote to the Info Services in Borgloon seeking more details about this sculpture. In reply Renaat Roekaers, coordinator for Cultural affairs in Borgloon informed that there used to be a tree at this location and it was cutdown as it had decayed and was a potential hazard.

Borgloon is in the centre of Hesbay/ Haspengouw, a region internationally known for its fruit plantations and every year in the blossom period (April-May) Borgloon organizes a walking route and this goes together with an exhibition "Blossom Impressions" along that route. (Part of their project "Art in Open Space") .

The unusual looking sculpture was created by some local artists on the occasion of this annual exhibition, in reference to the removed tree. After the blossom period ends, the art exhibition was closed and the art installations were also removed. Presently the roundabout is empty.

The Street View imagery is therefore historic now and it will be lost when the imagery is updated by Google.

Thank you Walter for finding information about the sculpture.

Update: Feb. 26, 2012
Noisette, a volunteer moderator of the Google Earth Community, top contributor on the Google Earth help forum and a Google Earth addict (like me), was kind enough to visit the place. She found that there is a tree now at the round about. From the photo taken by her, the tree looks to be freshly planted. It may be just possible that Walter's query to the  Borgloon civic authorities may have spurred them to plant the tree.

Image from Picassaweb is by Noisette.

Thank you Noisette for this additional information and sharing the image of the roundabout.

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Noisette said...

I'm happy to report that there is now a tree on the roundabout. I wonder if Walter's mail spurred them into planting it? ;) Photo:

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