Osborne Bull - Spain's Unofficial National Symbol

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The Osborne Bull, a black bull, is the corporate symbol of Osborne Group - one of the oldest private firm of Spain, mainly dealing in brandies, sherries and meat products. From 1956 onwards they used large silhouetted bull shaped billboards to advertise their products along many highways in Spain.

Subsequently due to enactment in 1994 of certain laws barring such advertisements, most of billboards were ordered to be removed. However by then the Bull had become very popular and an unofficial symbol of Spain. Ultimately the Spanish courts allowed these to remain on the grounds that it had become a part of the landscape and had "aesthetic or cultural significance". The name of the products/firm however was ordered to be blacked out to comply with the legal requirement of ban on advertisements.

The silhouetted bull shown above is 14 metres high and is located in El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a, where the Osborne headquarters is situated. No information about the Spanish guitarist seen nearby is available. It is located on a mound other than the Bull's mound so it could be just another unrelated advertisement.

Source of info and more info: Wikipedia

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