Strange Vehicle At Googleplex

Google Street View

Found this strange looking vehicle in the Googleplex - the headquarters complex of Google at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California, USA.

No idea how it operates? I can see 5 seats but some are facing one way and some are other way. Shadow shows two (or may be three) sets of pedals. Is it purely manually operated or is their some other driving engine built into the bike? It also looks that the conical blue basket contains some bike helmets.

A search on Google yielded no result. May be some reader or some one from  Googleplex can throw more light on it.

Additional info: The area has some more strange vehicles. See my next post.

Edit Note Feb. 21, 2012
Dana Payton an active member of Google Earth Community has informed that it is called Conference Bike. (

Its a seven seater, pedal operated cycle created by Dutch  artist Eric Staller and is used primarily for tourism, with a few used on university/corporate campuses for teambuilding.

Image from Wikimedia Commons is by Eric Staller

Credits: Thank you Dana for the info. I was totally flummoxed by the Street View at Googleplex but now everything is clear.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Hey CJM!

Found it! HAH! :D ....It's called a "Conference Bike", they use them on the Google Campus!

Love it! Great where you can use them!!! ;) :D

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