Remembering The Golden Era of Gramophones

Google Street View

While roaming the Google streets I came across this sculpture of Nipper, the famous dog, listening to 'His Masters Voice' on the Gramophone. It brought back the sweet memories of those good old golden days when the black vinyl records ruled the music world.

Nipper was the dog that served as the model for a painting entitled "His Late Master's Voice". Later "The Gramophone Company" used a slightly modified version of that painting, renamed it "His Master's Voice" and used it as their logo, which continued to be used by several of its successors in the music industry.

This statue is located on the front entrance to Maryland Historical Society building in Baltimore. There is another and bigger statue of Nipper on a building on Broadway, Albany, New York, but it is without the classical gramophone.

There is a yet another and much smaller model of Nipper above a doorway of a building in Bristol, located on the site of the former Prince's Theatre, where Nipper (1884–1895) used to live with his owner. (See in Google Street View)

Main source of info: Wikipedia

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