Rostral Columns of Saint Petersburg

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Rostral column, is a type of victory column erected to commemorate a naval military victory.

These two red brick Rostral Columns installed in 1727 on the banks of Neha River in Saint Petersburg, were not only dedicated to the naval victories of the Russian Empire but were also used as lighthouses to guide the ship to the port which existed here until the middle of the nineteenth century.

Google Street View

These columns have winding staircases inside which leads to the platform on top where bowl-shaped lamps are fixed on metal tripods. Originally there were oil braziers which were lit in the night. The braziers were later replaced with gas lamps which are now lit on ceremonial occasions.

Two seated marble figures decorate the base of each column and represent four major rivers of Russia. Two on the northern column (shown above) represent the Volga and Dnieper, while seated figures in the other column represent Neva and Volkhov.

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