The Waiting Man

Google Street View

This sculpture of a man waiting at a gateway is an artwork by British sculptor Sean Henry.  The sculpture officially entitled "Trajan's Shadow" was installed in 2001, at the Sculpture Park of Umedalen, Umeå, Sweden.

The steel gate which replicates one of many squarish entrances of the ancient Rome's Trajan's Market also has shadows painted on it. (See Flickr image below, as these shadows are not visible in the Google Street View.)

Image from Flickr  is by Anders Lennver

As per the web site of the Sculpture Park, the man is "reminiscent of a figure on a stage with the structure framing both himself and the world around him. Painted on the gateway are shadows – most obviously his own but also another of a figure that has gone before, creating with the inclusion of the viewer a dialogue between past and present."

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