Red Rocket Shaped Building, Røst (Rost) Island, Norway

Google Street View

While roaming the streets of Røst (Rost) Island, Lofoten Islands, Norway, I came across this red rocket shaped structure. I couldn't find any info about it. As it is located in a cemetery it could be a church.

Edit Note: April 12, 2012
As per research done by Noisette, who is a Google Earth addict (like me), volunteer moderator on the Google Earth Community and top contributor on the Google Earth help forum, the red cone is the spire of an old Røst Church (built around 1825) which was blown down by a hurricane in January 1835. The spire survived and is installed in the cemetery. It is now a reliable navigation point for ships off the coast. Source:

Credits: Thank you Noisette for finding the info source.

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