Replica Of The Tragic Ship Batavia

Google Street View

This is the replica of Batavia - a ship of the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC). The ship built in 1628 in Amsterdam, sank on her maiden voyage after a shipwreck on 4 June 1629 near the Western Australian coast. A subsequent mutiny and massacre resulted in torture, rape and murder of 125 survivors of the shipwreck. It was one of most dreadful and tragic mutiny in the maritime history.

More details about the ship and its history can be found in VOC Historical Society, Australia.

Its replica built in 1995 is moored at Batavia Wharf in Lelystad, The Netherlands - More info: Wikipedia

My digitally modified version of above street view as shared in Artistic Google album of Google+

Best seen in larger view

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