Highest Point in Google Street View (Updated)

Google Street View

Sometimes back (June 2011) I had made a post about the highest point where Google Street View Camera had reached. At the time of making that post, the end point of Mount Evans Scenic Byway in Colorado, USA, was the highest (4,310 m/14,130 feet). However with the release of imageries of "The World's Highest Peaks" by Google on March 18, 2013, the status has changed and currently (June 2013) the Highest Point where Google Street View Camera has reached is the Aconcagua Summit in Argentina.

The Aconcagua, located in the Andes range, has an elevation of 6,960.8 metres/22,837.3 ft and it is not only the highest mountain in the Americas, it is also highest peak outside Asia. (Wikipedia)

Note: The Highest Point (Peak) which can be seen in Google Street View is shown in this post.

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