Giant Blue Bear, Convention Center, Colorado, Denver

Google Street View

More info: Visit Denver
Credits: Kite_surfer via Google Earth Community


FaysaL said...

There is a large dust cover somewhere around that Blue Bear.

FaysaL said...

oops! not dust cover.
Correction: large dust cleaner

CuriousJM said...

Hi Faysal - It seems when the Google Street car passed the area some construction/beautification activity was still going around the Giant Bear - probably levelling and flooring/greening the area.

Taking a look from the other side I could see two small machines; the one at the far end is a dumper and the other could be a cleaner.

Rudy de Groot said...

Good to see you remembered the blue bear and good luck with your new Blog!

Regards, kite_surfer.

JesusWong_MX said...

What I like the most, is that you provide proper identification and explanation to the views, not just a picture.


CuriousJM said...

Thank you Jesus Wong. This is my mini blog, where I try to give a bit of information + the location.

However my other blog Travelogue Of An Armchair Traveller is a more detailed blog with images and source of further info. Do look at it when you have time.

Thanks once again. All the best.

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