Lots of Mail Boxes

Google Street View

Found unusually large number of mail boxes on Customs Road, Curlew, Washington, USA.

I am not sure what could be the purpose. The location is very close to the US-Canada border so I presume these may have some thing to do with inter-border exchange of mail. Perhaps some reader can throw more light on the subject.

Update: July 6, 2011
Please see my next post "Lots of Mail Boxes - 2" for explanation and another set large number of mail boxes courtesy "The Fields of Gold".


The Field of Gold said...

Atley Road, Arthurs Point, Otago, New Zealand.
I count 40 boxes.

CuriousJM said...

Thank you "The Field of Gold" for the explanation and location of the another set of such large numbers of mail boxes in New Zealand. I have now included these mail boxes in Lots of Mail Boxes - 2.

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