Google Street View Time Warp

Compare Side-by-Side  Google Street View in Summer / Winter

Time Warp is a hypothetical discontinuity or distortion occurring in the flow of time that would move person(s) or events from one time period to another.

This concept is generally found in science fiction and in a long shot may even become a reality in future, say couple of centuries later.

Google's camera cars capture images in different time periods and then these are stitched together to present a uniform flow of the surroundings or scenery.

However here is a example, when the two consecutive frames, taken at Strada per Scavolino, Pennabilli, Italy, display a very marked difference of the time period and these give an impression as if the viewer was transported (travelled) in time from summer to winter or vice versa.

Slide idea courtesy: Gregg1956 via GEC Forum

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