Sphinx In St Petersburg, Russia

Google Street View

Google Street View

These two large sculptures of sphinx adorn the embankment of the River Neha, near the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

These are original Egyptian sphinxes which, about 3500 years, had guarded the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep III in Thebes, the ancient capital Egypt and were dug out intact during excavation of the area in early nineteenth century. Imperial Russia bought these around 1830 and installed these in 1834 on the quay.

In addition to these two well preserved granite sculptures, many more sphinxes decorate the city of St. Petersburg (Ref: geolines.ru). Shown below is another one. Four such sphinxes (two on each bank) adorn the nearby bridge known as "Egyptian Bridge". These four sphinxes which were installed in early 19th-century are not of Egyptian origin but were made locally from cast iron.

Google Street View

Incidentally the sphinxes in St. Petersburg are the northern most sphinxes in the World.

Source of info and more info: Wikipedia

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